Brighton Seafront saturated colour
Bath restaurant party Riverside Cafe, Pultney Weir, Bath - just off pultney Bridge. Used to be the puppet Theatre (amy had her 3rd birthday party here) Actually, I may have made that up, but i certainly had parties at the puppet theatre. Not my 18th party near the river Avon in a Bath restaurant though!

Amy Coats 18th Birthday party photos

My Strange 80's pron star sister
and colour coordinated girlfriend
with Bus shelter!

Birthday girl and her mum

Amy and her presents

Dave always happy

Holly showing red lacy bra

Amy and father looking...alike!

Amy looking ashamed during speech

Amy the geek in glasses

Happy Birthday Amy!

Your birthday cake dear

Another embarresing speach
by Amy's Dad

Careful with that Knife!

Rachel Sings, Sarah Laughs!

Hands off my girlfriend scouse!

Alex is tired - Amit's Camp
Some things never change

Bath's Premier Landscape Gardeners!

Advertisment for the new governemt
'drink ruins lives' campaign

Mother, Amy and Brother-from-another-mother

Dog gives me respect!

Scotland Highlands photos

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