David's Head Injury and Subconjunctival Heamorrhage

You may be thinking - blatently got into a fight - well, kind of - with a wall! I wasn't particularly drunk either, apart from a glass of Pimms!

It happened whilst at a friends parents house, Sean and Anna in Dorking, Surrey. We were laughing in the kitchen and i'd just taken a swig of water. I couldn't swallow it because I was laughing so much so i turned around to spit it out of the back door. Now, don't underestimate the stupid layout of steps, walls and doors! There is a steep step down into a space maybe 3ft square, a step up again to go out the back door which narrows to about 2 ½ ft and the exterior wall which juts out just before the door.

I must have mis-timed the step, triping over it and hit my eye on the corner of the wall, knocking myself out. I then passed out on the floor outside the back door landing in the cat litter tray! I think I was unconscious for maybe 10seconds, but awoke to blood pissing down my face, hand and arm. Needless to say, the gilrs were very good and took me straight to Epsom General hospital where i had 4 beautiful stitches.

Its all healed now by the way. I had a horrible bloodshot eye, as you can see below, which took about a month to heal. This is known as a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage and was probably the worst thing about the whole ordeal! Perhaps I should have contacted a personal injury company like Irwin Mitchell and claimed some head injury compensation!? Not likely!